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Engineering Students Develop Low-Cost Infusion Pump

Engineering Students Develop Low-Cost Infusion Pump

People go to hospitals putting their faith and trust in the healthcare system to restore them back to a healthy condition. But this trust is slightly misplaced when physicians and nurses are unable to help patients due to the lack of resources …Continue reading

Pakistan’s Cotton Emergency

Can technology solve the problem? Presenting a case study on Pakistan’s bleak cotton crop outlook and a need for new seed technologies. In Brief The whopping 28 percent decline in cotton yield during the last fiscal year (2015-16) shook everyone from government …Continue reading

The State of Seed in Pakistan

Pakistan has its own native cotton, with a rich biodiversity of 5,000 years, however, agriculture seems to be losing its edge due to ill-chosen applications of seed technologies. In Brief Pakistan has been an agrarian economy since prehistoric times. The recent cotton …Continue reading

Pakistan at Risk

A close look at climate change and its impact on Pakistan’s agriculture. In Brief Climate change is, in fact, a global phenomenon. The Earth’s temperature is on continuous rise, causing climate extremes, ultimately affecting major agricultural regions and creating food crises. Pakistan …Continue reading

What’s Fresh? Grocery Startups!

MIT Technology Review Pakistan catches up with two new grocery players in startup town. What is driving an increasing number of entrepreneurs to pursue grocery related startups in Pakistan? “Every house is a possible customer,” says Muhammad Nowkhaiz, founder of the milk, …Continue reading

Education Administration and Monitoring Goes Digital

A leading Newspaper reported earlier in February that despite the Sindh government’s efforts to tackle ghost teachers, 366 teachers and other education department workers still remained ghost employees. And it’s not just Sindh. Balochistan’s education minister is on record saying “that there …Continue reading

Big Data from Cheap Phones

At a computer in her office at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, epidemiologist Caroline Buckee points to a dot on a map of Kenya’s western highlands, representing one of the nation’s thousands of cell-phone towers. In the fight against …Continue reading