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All You Need to Know About the Punjab IT Policy

All You Need to Know About the Punjab IT Policy

The Punjab Information Technology (IT) policy draft is not just about IT. Rather, it aspires to be about governance in the age of IT. The Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has held a public consultation on the draft and is now revising …Continue reading

How Political Candidates Know If You’re Neurotic

When a state representative named Thom Tillis ran for U.S. Senate in North Carolina in 2014, his campaign followed the now-standard practice of sending voters online and direct-mail advertisements referring to particular issues. Which issues mattered to which people, from ISIS to …Continue reading

Research Landscape of Pakistan

An in-depth analysis of global figures reveals Pakistani researchers are more focused on volume over value, quantity over quality; Pakistan needs a drastic policy shift. Knowledge has become crucially important in global economies since many economies are becoming knowledge-based. The emerging economies …Continue reading

Working Hard for the Money

Pakistan’s freelance programmers already account for $850 million of the country’s software exports. Is the underground gig economy poised for take-off? By Hafsa Shorish TALENT, reliability and low cost is highly sought and prized in staff. There is no such thing as …Continue reading