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Combating Obesity Through Technology

By Mahrukh Sarwar, Published: January 4, 2017

Pakistan is the 9th most obese country in the world. According to recent studies, one-in-four Pakistani adults are now overweight. To stop this trend of obesity, especially in today’s world where changing lifestyles and oil-rich food are contributing to it, more people are turning to fitness centers and healthcare programs to keep fit.

Nutright is a preventive healthcare company that helps people make healthy eating choices and exercise with the help of technology. By using a mobile and web platform, it provides users with personalized diet and fitness solutions by taking into account their daily lifestyles, goals and medical conditions.

“I had always been obese and I used to weigh 135 kg initially. After losing 55 kg, I realized that it was very hard to lose weight when you don’t have anyone pushing you. That’s how I came up with the idea for the company,” says Umar Majeed, Chief Executive Officer of Nutright. “I noticed that there was no easy solution in the market that was both affordable and effective.”

Nutright is offering Pakistan’s first mobile weight loss coaching application. Users provide details such as weight, age and height to the company, which then performs a body weight analysis and makes a personalized diet and workout program for them. The startup offers diet plans, weight logging, workout plans as well as 24/7 consultation with professional dieticians and trainers.

Nutright’s staff also includes endurance experts, behaviour therapist and registered dietitians.

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The company offers two options; customers have access to the free mobile application which includes workout routines or they can pay for premium membership which offers personalized diet and fitness programs for users.

Nutright has also developed an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) specially for fitness professionals. Clients log their details on the EMR available on the mobile application, which makes it easy for the nutright staff to monitor the client’s progress in runtime and come up with effective fitness solutions more efficiently. They are also registered with the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan and sell nutriceutical products such as dietary supplements, protein shakes and detox juices to its customers.

With a team of 16, Nutright has been operating since August 2016. The Android application has been downloaded 40,000 times since September and to date they have 10,000 active users and 300 premium users.

“I didn’t expect such a positive response from a Pakistani audience but we have had customers from the armed forces, the Navy and even from far away villages such as Chaman,” says Majeed.

Nightright is not his first startup brainchild. A serial entrepreneur, Majeed has already sold his first startup called Honextech, which he founded when he was only 15 years old. “In the future, we hope to expand to the Gulf regions like Qatar where almost 43.5% of the population is obese,” says Majeed.

In recent times a significant number of people have become interested in health and fitness. A growing number of gyms, fitness centers and other niche services such as Eat Smart and Diet by Design have popped up which are targeting the growing health conscious segment of the population. These companies claim to provide calorie labelled meals which are delivered to your doorstep and help you lose weight in a healthy way.

Nutright is currently being accelerated at PlanX, one of Pakistan’s leading accelerators, and the iOS version of the mobile application will be launched in the next eight weeks.


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