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Education Administration and Monitoring Goes Digital

By Saad Ayub, Published: September 15, 2016

A leading Newspaper reported earlier in February that despite the Sindh government’s efforts to tackle ghost teachers, 366 teachers and other education department workers still remained ghost employees. And it’s not just Sindh. Balochistan’s education minister is on record saying “that there is no record of 15,000 teachers, 900 ghost schools, with almost 300,000 fake registrations of students”

The woes of the education system in Pakistan are not limited to bureaucratic incompetence, with problems like an ineffective educator dispatch method reliant on a dated colonial system, and an essentially non-existent channel of cooperation between parents, and public school teaching staff.

Milestone, a startup that offers a solution to digitally manage the data of educational institutions may have the answer to these problems. Milestone claims to bring together students, teachers, and parents on a single platform with a user friendly interface, and is already operating in 137 schools across 3 countries.

Founder Rai Shahid came up with the idea for milestone after having experienced the inefficiency associated with the administration in the public education sector first-hand. “When I was teaching in Muridke, I would spend a significant amount of time recording attendance, updating records and keeping information of students. I wanted to spend this time teaching my students.” Whilst balancing a part time teaching career and his own education, Rai started developing Milestone. Shahid applied for acceleration at Plan X, one of the country’s largest tech accelerators after completing the system with a group of part time employees and getting 250 clients on board.

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Milestone has now been operational for almost a year.

Some of its customers include The Educators, Bloomfield Hall School and Dar-e-Arqam among others. The startup has a workforce of more than 11 employees and are on the trajectory to expand further.

“We are always trying to improve, and expand our service. We are working in three countries and are going to reach more customers in the future.”


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