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Exclusive First Look at Foodible

By Saad Ayub, Published: August 19, 2016

The application that promises to make the process of eating out easier is set to launch on the 22nd of August.

Foodible uses a phone’s GPS to locate the closest restaurants to the user, while providing the feature to filter the options in terms of categories, ratings, and relative distance. The application will be available for Lahore, with its database of over 650 restaurants.

Co-Founder Abu Turab Asim while describing his inspiration for the application says,“One evening, me and my friends were having an argument over where we should go out to eat.Obviously there were a lot of factors to consider before we could decide. That is when we had the idea for Foodible.”

Breaking from the convention of seed funding, the development process of the application was funded by Abu Turab, and Qasim Salam, who are veteran freelancers and decided to inject their own resources towards the project.

“We’re different because our application is built to promote eating out, not ordering in” is how co-founder Foodible Abu Turab Asim differentiates the application from competitors EatOye, and Foodpanda. It will feature a moderated rating system that the management claims to be a significantly more reliable review method than its competitors. “We’re going to be the rotten tomatoes of restaurant reviews” says Abu Turab.

The management told MIT Technology Review that they have partnered with certain influential Facebook groups within the Lahore food enthusiasts fraternity in order to promote the application.

Foodible plans on expanding to other cities of Pakistan in the near future. The Foodible app will be available for android and iOS platforms.




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