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Google Launches App Maker for Non-Developers

By Nushmiya Sukhera, Published: December 2, 2016

Google has announced the launching of App Maker, a low-code integrated development environment (IDE), which organizations can use to build instant custom applications for their business needs. Currently, Google is accepting applications for early access to the App Maker from organizations that already use the G Suite service, previously known as Google Apps.

The unique selling point of the App Maker is that less tech savvy people can use it to develop applications without the help of professional developers. The feature has built-in templates, a drag-and-drop user interface, and point-and-click data modelling for faster modelling and prototyping. There is minimal maintenance needed for the running of the application as it will run on the same data center infrastructure as Google Drive, Google Calendar and Gmail. In order to simplify the process of development, the service will make use of popular standards including HTML, Javascript, CSS and Google’s own material design framework. Once made, the statistics of the running application can be monitored via Google Analytics.

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According to Google’s website, “Developers can safely deploy custom apps in the cloud without worrying about servers, capacity planning, infrastructure security and monitoring that would otherwise require internal support from IT.”

Till now, Google has made over three hundred applications using the App Maker.

The low-code service will now compete with other similar applications like Salesforce’s App Cloud, Appian, Mendix, and OutSystems.

“Whether you’re looking for better ways to onboard new team members, staff projects, or approve employee travel requests, App Maker helps you build that in days instead of months,” announced Google.


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