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Bringing Facebook’s She Means Business to Pakistan

Facebook’s female empowerment program She Means Business is stepping into Pakistan with a collaboration with Herself, a similar initiative of the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). Herself was launched by PITB in June 2016, after realizing the low representation of women in …Continue reading

WhatsApp Will Use Your Data to Target Ads at You. But Everything Else on Your Phone Is Doing so Too

The company’s decision to provide user information to Facebook is only the latest attempt by app-makers to collect information about their users. The world’s most widely used app-based instant-messaging service has made a change that is about to affect its one billion …Continue reading

Facebook’s Artificial-Intelligence Software Gets a Dash More Common Sense

Artificial-intelligence researchers at the company took on the project in an effort to explore how computers might learn some basic physical common sense. Understanding that, for example, unsupported objects fall, or that a larger object won’t fit inside a smaller one, is …Continue reading

An App to Capture Virtual Reality Videos with a Smartphone

To let you capture immersive virtual reality clips with only a smartphone, startup Emergent VR is making an app that combines video with spherical photos. A startup has come up with a way to use your smartphone to take photos and video …Continue reading

Teleport Facial Expressions Into Virtual Reality

Facebook teams with researchers to transfer your smiles and frowns into virtual reality. By Tom Simonite This video is a companion to, “Oculus Rift Hack Transfers Your Facial Expressions onto Your Avatar.” Credit: Photo and video footage courtesy of Hao Li Video …Continue reading