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Combating Obesity Through Technology

Combating Obesity Through Technology

Pakistan is the 9th most obese country in the world. According to recent studies, one-in-four Pakistani adults are now overweight. To stop this trend of obesity, especially in today’s world where changing lifestyles and oil-rich food are contributing to it, more people …Continue reading

Pakistani Engineer Braves Tragedy to Develop Low Cost Ventilator

There was a deathly sound in the ward, of lungs struggling, and wheezing. Most of the patients were children, with a variety of winter respiratory diseases, including but not limited to Pneumonia. Around each bed, loved ones stood guard. Fathers and sons, …Continue reading

Dengue Hotline

Punjab combating dengue fever lauded globally. Nobody knew what will be the fate of Lahorites when dengue hit the town three years ago. Even the government, especially the health officials were caught off guard. The world was shocked too. Lahore is hardly …Continue reading

Punjab Introduces E-Reforms in Health Sector

In order to improve the performance of its health sector, the Punjab government has started implementing electronic reforms in the system through the use of information technology. The government has hired Monitoring and Evaluation Assistants (MEAs) for this purpose who visit district …Continue reading

Smart Mouthguard Monitors Your Saliva and Your Health

Your spit says a lot about your health, and now there’s wearable technology being tested to track it. Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, have demonstrated a mouthguard with electronic sensors that can detect concentrations of certain chemicals in saliva. …Continue reading