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Connecting the Unconnected

Connecting the Unconnected

A spotlight on Pakistan’s telecom sector in the backdrop of smart cities. With a teledensity of 71 percent, 133 million mobile subscribers and 31.8 million mobile broadband (MBB) subscribers, Pakistan ranks sixth in the top ten smartphone markets for growth potential. This …Continue reading

Agriculture: Through the Ages in Pakistan

Dr. Anjum Ali, the Director General (Extension) Punjab Agriculture Department, sheds light on Pakistan’s agricultural scene through the prism of history, technology and best farm practices. He spoke with Jawad Ali for MIT Technology Review Pakistan. Punjab was considered the food basket …Continue reading

From Gut Instincts to Data-Driven Decision Making

Khuram Rahat is well known in Pakistan for his in-depth knowledge of cutting edge business intelligence solutions, the current regional Managing Director for Teradata – Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, moreover, a consultant, lecturer and a founding member of Project Management Institute’s Islamabad …Continue reading

PTA Moves beyond 3G/4G

IXP will help Pakistan speedup internet access, improve business environment and local content. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is looking into the possibility of installing an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Pakistan. This was announced by the Chairman PTA, Dr. Syed Ismail at …Continue reading

Change is the only Constant

The Inventor of world’s first IBM PC virus, chairman and founder of Brain Telecommunication Limited and owner of Brain Computers, Amjad Farooq Alvi spoke with Jawad Ali, MIT Technology Review Pakistan’s chief correspondent and research editor on cybersecurity landscape, why he built …Continue reading

Mobile App Awards 2016 Launch in Pakistan

“Embracing Mobile Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities in Pakistan” is theme this year. The 2016 edition of the Pakistan Mobile App Awards with the theme “Embracing Mobile Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities in Pakistan”—which is aimed to focus on development of ready-to-use …Continue reading

Apna Rozgar Scheme Boosts Auto Sector Growth by 32 percent

SBP expecting new auto players from South Korea, Europe. State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) is expecting new entrants of auto sector from South Korea and Europe as a result of the new Auto policy announced recently. The Central Bank issued ‘The State …Continue reading