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Data Science Lab in Pakistan Makes Urdu-Hindi Dictionary

Data Science Lab in Pakistan Makes Urdu-Hindi Dictionary

With the advent of smart keyboards, the Urdu script has arrived in mobile phones. However, its application remains tedious at best. Most people resort to writing in Urdu by using the English script, which is also known as writing in Roman Urdu. …Continue reading

App to Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy

Glow, an App to Track Couples’ Fertility Cycle makes family planning easier to manage for Pakistan. Keeping a log of calories that you have burned or tracking your footsteps in an average day or measuring the distance run in a minute is …Continue reading

GrocerApp Launches Convenient Online Shopping & Home-Delivery Services in Lahore

It offers more than 10,000 different products across different categories. In today’s fast-paced world, grocery shopping is still a hassle that demands a lot of time and energy to visit various outlets and find the right products and bargain the right prices. …Continue reading