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Connecting the Unconnected

Connecting the Unconnected

A spotlight on Pakistan’s telecom sector in the backdrop of smart cities. With a teledensity of 71 percent, 133 million mobile subscribers and 31.8 million mobile broadband (MBB) subscribers, Pakistan ranks sixth in the top ten smartphone markets for growth potential. This …Continue reading

Meet Google’s Pixel

Google has taken a giant leap into the smartphone business with their new market entry called Pixel. It is the first phone with both software and hardware made by Google in order to provide the best android experience. Previously, Google has partnered …Continue reading

The Coming Wave of Bionic Hearing Gadgets

Startups like Doppler Labs are building earbuds that will let you turn down the volume on crying babies and pump up the bass on live music. In a windowless office on a tiny San Francisco side street, Noah Kraft is making me …Continue reading

An App to Capture Virtual Reality Videos with a Smartphone

To let you capture immersive virtual reality clips with only a smartphone, startup Emergent VR is making an app that combines video with spherical photos. A startup has come up with a way to use your smartphone to take photos and video …Continue reading